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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010
Mood:Confused D:
I just don't know why but i feel especially connected to my blog today .. prehaps is because i just have to share about the happenings this few days. School is just like normal - monotone and boring . Except for the few high moments , the badminton competition helped us to slack alot . Tues and thurs we skipped class after 12.45pm because of the competition and this thurs finally we won a match against KuoChuan sec . Paul thatbarger got ject by us , he went to take newspaper on the floor wth?! We wanted to sabo paul in the sms stuff , he found out and sabo us back. we sprayed deo at him and end up he was piss. LOL we spray at his leg he rubbed it on the fire hyrdrant and pole like a dog we laugh like shit , his badminton racket almost broke. Then we pangseh him he went home , we spam him at mac he kpkb us back but we ject him
"Want to come here for free leftover fries ?" (:
Recently , i am having doubts over this relationship. Not anything about betray or stuff but .. why does she keep "Dont disturb you le" wth sia.
dam sian and confused , i am waiting for CZ to talk to him ..
Also i miss Jesus , recently not connected to him like before ..
Well, i hope everything turns well, (: Just gotta live life happily.

I just hate Jonathan for commenting the way i play badminton , so f*ing annoying , go and get a life la , quit badminton le still want to act like your inside .

Saturday, January 30, 2010
I NEED INSPIRATION to revived my dead blog for 2 week , lots of overdued post and pics.
I am now at 6am and not slept a wink ( at cousin house overnight).
We went to thon prawn fishing just now only caught 9 for 4 hour -.-
Just now at night went cc to bball with them .
School so tiring , hi my sweetheart is ending sigh...

Sunday, January 17, 2010
so lazy with school , blog lazy to update . will update another day cya.

Monday, January 11, 2010
The past week was awesome , Sunday service was such a blessing . I'm really inspired to incubate sec1s and to grow more towards god. I had been praying more and i can feel more supernatural occurance ! (: I really hope 2010 there'll be a huge St.gabs revival . Though school is so stressful , had been trying to concetrate on studying and no more slacking. BTW Ytd i went to bugis buy a bag $10 for my aunt's birthday on thursday. She bought for me a $50 speaker for my birthday last year but i did not even wish her Belated birthday last year . I bought a carvinier and a V-neck . Cabbed to church and hangout at movie+lan hangout in church . Felt so blessed (: .

Friday, January 8, 2010
i am sorta sianz now . Unbelieveable to say , first week of school is quite amazing.
The class is sorta peace now but Nigel mui & chan started their own private war , sigh .
First day of school :
Met with friends , very enthu and chatty . 4 new people join our class. Form teacher stiill the same haha. Recess bball , after school lan + bball then go home revise , sian .

tml gg bugis after that church then go Cz house slack .
Ytd went cousin house , chat with him and dota.

Saturday, January 2, 2010
My head is spinning right now , you spin me right round right round ...
Right .
Today woke up had a bad headache , (10am) in the morning . Tution started , school started . Haiz , kinda sian . After tution went lunch with Tiong and his mum , treat us haha. After that went bugis street walkwalk , eyed on several shirt but promise my mum not to buy anymore yet + nvr bring much out . Waited for Michael about half an hr then went Iluma go CC. buy stuffs then went to watch The fourth Kind . Scary shit okay . After that went Singpost to have lunch then cut hair.
Wanted to go out with family watch another movie but feeling sick ttm. Just pia com lor .